Zajac Ranch for Children is fortunate to have the opportunity to care for 6 horses, a donkey, a cat, 2 alpacas, 3 sheep, 3 goats, 3 bunnies, and 2 chickens. Each barn resident gets individual attention from staff and Ranch guests daily, plus plenty of exercise outside their pens in the surrounding fields. 

We know campers and supporters alike have a soft spot for the animals that call Zajac Ranch home, just as our staff do. Many campers lament how they wish they could have their very own horse, donkey, chicken, or sheep at home. While we can't offer the literal adoption of our Ranch animals, we are excited to invite you to symbolically adopt one of our furry or feathered friends. 

Like the campers we host every summer, some of our animals have specific needs related to their health that we lovingly care for. Alongside the routine colds and necessary rest periods, Cody has asthma that limits what he's able to eat, Jimmy is prone to sunburns on his nose, Teddy has Cushing syndrome, and Jasmine has had troubles with her hooves. Being able to provide for these animals is important to campers and staff at Zajac Ranch, and we need your help to continue this work. 

Your one time gift or monthly support ensures a happy and healthy life at the Ranch for your chosen animal. 

Meet The Barn Crew

Name(s): Dolly & Cleo

Species: Alpaca

Age: ~2

Moved to the Ranch: 2019

Favourite Food: Grass Hay

Favourite Pastime: Humming! (meep-meeping)

Name(s): Elvis

Species: Cat


Moved to the Ranch:

Favourite Food: Cat treats

Favourite Pastime: Chasing mice, squirrels, birds, rats, chipmunks...

Name(s): Pebbles

Species: Horse 

Breed: Miniature Pony

Favourite Food: Hay flakes

Favourite Pastime: Exploring the field

Name(s): Jasmine

Species: Donkey

Favourite Food: Hay flakes

Favourite Pastime: Sniffing your boots

Name(s): Abby 

Species: Horse

Breed: Paint

Age: ~13

Moved to the Ranch: 2019

Favourite Food: Grass

Favourite Pastime: Watching barn visitors

Name(s): Jimmy 

Species: Horse 

Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 15

Moved to the Ranch: 2016

Favourite Food: Alfalfa cubes

Favourite Pastime: Giving gentle nudges

Name(s): Chester

Species: Horse 

Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 28

Moved to the Ranch: 2006

Favourite Food: Alfalfa cubes

Favourite Pastime: Walks to the lake

Name(s): Cody

Species: Horse

Breed: Morab

Age: 20

Moved to the Ranch:

Favourite Food: Alfalfa cubes

Favourite Pastime: Talking (he whinnies and knickers a lot!)

Name(s): Teddy

Species: Horse 

Breed: Fjord

Age: 20

Moved to the Ranch: 2012

Favourite Food: Dandelions

Favourite Pastime: Following Chester

Name(s): Violet, Lilac, & Jemima

Species: Pygmy Goat

Moved to the Ranch:

Favourite Food: Fallen leaves

Favourite Pastime: Nibbling on zippers

Name(s): Henry, Ellie, & Anna

Species: Sheep

Age: 3, 2, and 5

Moved to the Ranch: 2018

Favourite Food: 

Favourite Pastime: Receiving head scratches (especially Henry!)

Name(s): Sebastian 

Species: Chicken

Age: ~3

Moved to the Ranch: 2016

Favourite Food: Corn

Favourite Pastime: Jumping out of the manger and scaring alpacas

What does it mean to sponsor an animal?

Sponsoring an animal is a little different that just making a general donation, as it is specific to an animal or group of animals. When you sponsor an animal, you're helping us provide them with the care they need to make them as happy and healthy as possible during their time at Zajac Ranch.


What do you get out of sponsoring an animal?

  • A personalized sponsorship certificate
  • A photo of your sponsored animal to print and keep
  • A fact sheet about your animal
  • A quarterly email including photos and an update on your animal 

How much does it cost to sponsor an animal?

It's completely up to you! You can donate as much or as little as you want! Your gift can be a one-time donation, or you can donate towards their care every month. More than one person can sponsor each of our friends. 

Donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt. 

Can you sponsor an animal for someone as a gift?

If you’re stuck trying to think of a unique gift for that special person, why not sponsor an animal in their name instead? Not only do you receive the pleasure of giving someone a meaningful gift, you’re letting your animal-loving friend or family member know the power of their impact. When you gift someone with an animal sponsorship, they get a sponsorship certificate in their name, a picture of the animal they are helping take care of, and regular updates from Zajac Ranch.

Use our donation form below to sponsor the Ranch resident of your choice. Make sure to include the name of your chosen animal in the "Sponsored Animal" field so we can send you pictures and updates!