Camp Schedule & Registration

2021 Summer Camps Update

We are back for Summer 2021!

Last year we introduced Family Camps with great success and we were able to safely open our doors to our campers and their family cohorts.

With the arrival of vaccines this year we are cautiously optimistic about running our Summer Medical Camps. We have planned the summer so that we can remain flexible and adapt to any changes to restrictions that are in place regarding Covid-19.

Our schedule this year will look a little different. We will begin the summer with family camps that will meet the safety requirements and restrictions brought forth from the B.C Government. The Family Camps will operate for the first half of summer until mid July. Online registration for Family Camps will open on February 1st, 2021.

We plan to run some of our regular Summer Medical Camps during the month of August. Registration for the Summer Medical Camps will be available to book online on April 15th, 2021. If Covid-19 restrictions are still in place by April 15th and we are not able to run Summer Medical Camps, then we will continue to run the Family Camps with safety protocols in place for the remainder of the summer.

Important Dates

  • February 1st, 2021: Online Registration for Family Camps Open!

  • April 15th, 2021: Online Registration for Summer Medical Camps Open! 
    (Please Note: Summer Medical Camps are not guaranteed to run this year. A decision will be made on April 15th based on the current Government Restrictions and the safety risk of the pandemic to our campers and staff)
  • Weekend Family Camps 

  • Day Family Camps 

  • Summer Medical Camps

Weekend Family Camp Schedule

#1May Long Weekend Family CampMay 22-24 (Sat-Mon)
#2Family Overnight CampJune 4-6 (Fri-Sun)
#3Family Overnight CampJune 11-13 (Fri-Sun)
#4Family Overnight CampJune 18-20 (Fri-Sun)
#5Family Overnight CampJune 25-27 (Fri-Sun)
#6Family Overnight CampJuly 2-4 (Fri-Sun)
#7Family Overnight CampJuly 9-11 (Fri-Sun)

General Information

What are Family Camps?

Why should my child go to camp at Zajac Ranch?

How old does my child need to be to attend camp?

How do I register my child for camp?

What happens after I send in my application?

Which camp should my child attend?

If you have further questions, please review our Information for Families or contact our Sales & Registration Coordinator at (604) 739-0444 or email us at