How to Register For Camp

Step by Step

When Registration goes live, you can set up a new account and complete online registration at Keep note of your  username and password. You can log into the account at any time to check for status updates and payment allocations when the camper application has been approved.

Please make sure you complete all sections on the application: Household, Medical, Physical, Behavioural, and ‘Other’ information.

When you have completed all the camper details it will ask you what method of payment you intend to use to pay camp fees. Select 1 option from the drop down menu – IF YOU SELECT CREDIT CARD. THE AMOUNT OF $780 WILL BE CHARGED RIGHT AWAY – Please note: your payment does not guarantee a spot at camp until the camper has fully completed registration forms and has been medically approved.

Payment Options

  • Credit card
  • Cheque payment – by mail
  • Subsidy application
  • Medical organization funding/ AFU funding

When you submit the application you will receive an email notification that confirms we have received your application. Our Nursing Director will then review the application. Your spot at camp is not guaranteed. Camper applications will not be reviewed until the requirements below are met.

a) The camper is in compliance to the COVID-19 protocol provided by Zajac Ranch.

b) The camper’s online application is fully complete.

c) The camper has received an approval by the Nursing Director to attend camp.When you receive approval notification

At this point you can log back in to your account to see the updated status of your application. You will see it has been changed to ‘approved’. – payment is required to secure the spot at camp if you have not done so already.

Paying for Camp

Credit Card: Pay by credit card online by logging into your account and entering your credit card details.

Cheque payment – by mail: If you mailed a cheque to us, we will apply this to your account when the application has been approved. When the application status has been updated to ‘approved’ the payment will be applied and the balance due will be zero. You can view the status of application by logging into your account.

Subsidy application: If you are applying for financial assistance through the Zajac Community subsidy – you will need to print off, complete, and upload a subsidy form, as an attachment to your online application account. Proof of income is also required and this should be uploaded as an attachment as well. The subsidy application will be reviewed by our funding department. Each application is reviewed individually. You will be contacted by phone if more information is required. If the subsidy request is approved, the subsidy amount will be allocated to your account upon approval. You will receive notification and next time you log into your account you will see the amount applied.

Medical Organization: If a medical organization is paying the camper fee, payment will be applied to your account when the application is approved. You can log into your account to see the updated ‘approved’ status and balance owing will be zero.

AFU Funding: If you are using AFU funding to pay for camp you must contact AFU directly. They will issue you a ‘request to pay’ form. You must fill out the form (the request to pay amount is $1560 and send it back to AFU. AFU will issue you a reference number, please keep this reference number as payment receipt for camp. AFU will let Zajac Ranch know that you are paying for camp with Autism funding. When Zajac receives notification from AFU we will update your account and the balance owing will be zero.

Family Camp News, Information and Updates

Despire the high demand for Family Camps, we will not be able to offer any this year. We do hope to have them continue in the future.

Justin is knowledgeable, efficient and so helpful. He goes the extra mile to answer and deal with all our questions and concerns regarding your ranch and our child’s special needs. Justin’s customer service skills are truly excellent and it has been such a pleasure to have Justin to assist us.

We had the most incredible time at Zajac Ranch and enjoyed every single minute of it. The staff as usual were terrific and accommodating, so nice to see some familiar faces from last year!

First of all, thanks SO MUCH for accommodating all of us and our friends! Both kids and adults had a blast and it was definitely a highlight of our summer…the kids keep asking us when they can go again!! The counselors especially were awesome for making accommodations and being flexible with our special kids, Alex, Adbul, Joe, Devon, Emily, Justina, etc….all amazing!

It was a thrill for me to be able to take both autistic children to camp and my son managed to stay for 2 nights there. They both enjoyed the horseback riding so much! Alex and Justina were extremely patient and kind, took their time with us during canoeing.

I just returned from another excellent camp at Zajac Ranch with my children. We really cannot tell you how much we appreciate all the hard work that goes into making a program of this quality and magnitude run! Thank you sincerely!

I want people to experience what they can do at this amazing camp. The can build things, create things. Start living their dream, go out and see the world. And that’s why I want people to join me on this amazing adventure.