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Meet Seiya

Seiya loves to come to Zajac Ranch and practice his archery skills every summer. Seiya has Hemophilia A, which often causes people to bleed longer than others, and bleeds can occur internally, into joints

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Meet Rory

Rory gets very excited every time his mom talks about Zajac Ranch with him. Although he can’t talk, his smiles and laughs tell the story. Rory has Mowat-Wilson syndrome, a rare condition that deeply

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Meet Mac

To the outside world, Mackenzie (‘Mac’ to friends and family) often appears completely typical. However, she can struggle to develop social connections, make friends, and find her place in the world.

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Meet Logan

Logan is expectant and excited to come to Zajac Ranch every year. He was born with pan-hypopituitarism, meaning that a large portion of Logan's brain never developed. This condition has brought him many

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Meet Natalie

This year marks Natalie’s 12th year attending Zajac Ranch. Maureen, Natalie’s mom, says, “Each year we fill out the application and wait for the great news that she is attending camp again!” Maureen

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Meet Quinn

Quinn loves to come to Zajac Ranch every summer, and has been a regular camper since 2013. “Every year that Quinn attends Zajac Ranch, he comes home with more great memories.” says his mom, Catherine.

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