Donation Forms

Become a monthly donor, Join the Zajac Spirit Raisers Club

The Zajac Spirit Raisers Club b is a meaningful way to donate via pre-authorized payments of $25 or more every month. It’s an easy way to spread your generosity throughout the year!

Zajac Ranch Wish List

Zajac Ranch needs your help! Each in-kind contribution, from individuals, corporations and community groups, helps us raise the spirits of children with serious and chronic illnesses and disabilities.


  • Child Swimming Diapers
  • Adult Swimming Diapers
  • Canoe Paddles
  • Pool Toys
  • Youth Size Large Lifejackets
  • Universal Size Adult Lifejackets
  • Metal Kayak Paddles
  • Metal Canoe Paddles
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellant
  • Towels

Barn/Petting Zoo

  • Riding Reins
  • Horse Fly Masks
  • Horse Blankets
  • Duplo Compound Horse Shoes
  • Desitin
  • Turpentine
  • Flyspray
  • WeatherBeeta Fly Sheets (call for sizing)
  • Anatomically Shaped Saddle Pads (Western)
  • Alfalfa cubes
  • Beet pulp (regular or low sugar)
  • Farrier’s Formula
  • Trace mineral lick blocks (red block, yellow label)
  • Mane & Trail Shampoo
  • Rabbit pellets
  • Chicken grain
  • Llama/goat mix muesli
  • Shavings/bedding pellets
  • Garden rakes

Arts & Crafts

  • String for Bracelet Making
  • Chalk
  • Arts & Crafts Drying Rack
  • Fabric
  • Face Paint
  • Scissors
  • Sharpies
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Paint


  • Small, Portable Soccer Nets
  • Books
  • Board Games
  • Full Set of Metal Horseshoes
  • Full Set of Plastic Horseshoes
  • Field Hockey Equipment
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Frisbees
  • Costumes
  • Storage Bins
  • Binoculars
  • Magnifying Glasses
  • Telescope


  • Garbage Bags
  • Utility Service Cart
  • Gloves
  • Paint & Stain
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Painters Tape


  • Microphone
  • iPod
  • iPad
  • Extension Cords
  • Baby Wipes
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Shade Tent
  • New Sleeping Bags
  • Computer
  • Projector & Screen
  • Thermometers
  • Compasses
  • DVD Player
  • Archery Arrows
  • Youth Archery Bow


  • Steel Carabiners for High Ropes
  • Size 1 & 2 Climbing Helmets
  • Small & Medium Size Waist Harnesses
  • Chest Harnesses

Do you have something we might want that is not on this list? Contact us to see if we can use it!

Adopt a Ranch Animal

Zajac Ranch for Children is fortunate to have the opportunity to care for 6 horses, a donkey, a cat, 2 alpacas, 3 sheep, 3 goats, 3 bunnies, and 2 chickens. Each barn resident gets individual attention from staff and Ranch guests daily, plus plenty of exercise outside their pens in the surrounding fields.

We know campers and supporters alike have a soft spot for the animals that call Zajac Ranch home, just as our staff do. Many campers lament how they wish they could have their very own horse, donkey, chicken, or sheep at home. While we can’t offer the literal adoption of our Ranch animals, we are excited to invite you to symbolically adopt one of our furry or feathered friends.

Like the campers we host every summer, some of our animals have specific needs related to their health that we lovingly care for. Alongside the routine colds and necessary rest periods, Cody has asthma that limits what he’s able to eat, Jimmy is prone to sunburns on his nose, Teddy has Cushing syndrome, and Jasmine has had troubles with her hooves. Being able to provide for these animals is important to campers and staff at Zajac Ranch, and we need your help to continue this work.

Your one time gift or monthly support ensures a happy and healthy life at the Ranch for your chosen animal.

Meet The Barn Crew

Dolly & Cleo

Name(s): Dolly & Cleo
Species: Alpaca
Age: ~2
Moved to the Ranch: 2019 Favourite Food: Grass Hay Favourite Pastime: Humming! (meep-meeping)


Name(s): Elvis
Species: Cat
Moved to the Ranch:
Favourite Food: Cat treats
Favourite Pastime: Chasing mice, squirrels, birds, rats, chipmunks…


Name(s): Pebbles
Species: Horse
Breed: Miniature Pony
Favourite Food: Hay flakes
Favourite Pastime: Exploring the field


Name(s): Jasmine
Species: Donkey
Favourite Food: Hay flakes
Favourite Pastime: Sniffing your boots


Name(s): Abby
Species: Horse
Breed: Paint
Age: ~13
Moved to the Ranch: 2019
Favourite Food: Grass
Favourite Pastime: Watching barn visitors


Name(s): Jimmy
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 15
Moved to the Ranch: 2016
Favourite Food: Alfalfa cubes
Favourite Pastime: Giving gentle nudges


Name(s): Chester
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 28
Moved to the Ranch: 2006
Favourite Food: Alfalfa cubes
Favourite Pastime: Walks to the lake


Name(s): Cody
Species: Horse
Breed: Morab
Age: 20
Moved to the Ranch:
Favourite Food: Alfalfa cubes
Favourite Pastime: Talking (he whinnies and knickers a lot!)


Name(s): Teddy
Species: Horse
Breed: Fjord
Age: 20
Moved to the Ranch: 2012
Favourite Food: Dandelions
Favourite Pastime: Following Chester

Violet, Lilac, & Jemima

Name(s): Violet, Lilac, & Jemima
Species: Pygmy Goat
Moved to the Ranch:
Favourite Food: Fallen leaves
Favourite Pastime: Nibbling on zippers

Henry, Ellie, & Anna

Name(s): Henry, Ellie, & Anna
Species: Sheep
Age: 3, 2, and 5
Moved to the Ranch: 2018
Favourite Food:
Favourite Pastime: Receiving head scratches (especially Henry!)


Name(s): Sebastian
Species: Chicken
Age: ~3
Moved to the Ranch: 2016
Favourite Food: Corn
Favourite Pastime: Jumping out of the manger and scaring alpacas

What does it mean to sponsor an animal?

Sponsoring an animal is a little different that just making a general donation, as it is specific to an animal or group of animals. When you sponsor an animal, you’re helping us provide them with the care they need to make them as happy and healthy as possible during their time at Zajac Ranch.

What do you get out of sponsoring an animal?

  • A personalized sponsorship certificate
  • A photo of your sponsored animal to print and keep
  • A fact sheet about your animal
  • A quarterly email including photos and an update on your animal

How much does it cost to sponsor an animal?

It’s completely up to you! You can donate as much or as little as you want! Your gift can be a one-time donation, or you can donate towards their care every month. More than one person can sponsor each of our friends.

Donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt.

Can you sponsor an animal for someone as a gift?

If you’re stuck trying to think of a unique gift for that special person, why not sponsor an animal in their name instead? Not only do you receive the pleasure of giving someone a meaningful gift, you’re letting your animal-loving friend or family member know the power of their impact. When you gift someone with an animal sponsorship, they get a sponsorship certificate in their name, a picture of the animal they are helping take care of, and regular updates from Zajac Ranch.

Legacy Giving

We know you. You care about your community and you work diligently to make the world a better place. You give, you advocate, and you volunteer. We know you because you are the person that has helped us turn dreams into reality for thousands of children. Without you our work would be impossible.

We know you because you are the person who asks, “What more can I do to help?” With a Legacy Gift, you can make a difference in the lives that follow and ensure that your contributions have a lasting effect. Your donation can inspire others to make similar commitments, as well as provide valuable tax benefits.

Legacy giving is a wonderful way to support the things you care about most, now and after you’re gone. For many donors, it’s also an important part of their estate planning and exemplifies the vision and forethought of their philanthropic beliefs. Also, by including charitable gifts in your estate planning, you may eliminate significant taxes.

Most importantly, your Legacy Gift to the Zajac Ranch Society helps us plan for the future needs of Zajac Ranch for Children and provides funding for our summer medical camps benefiting children and young adults with serious and chronic illnesses and disabilities. Summer camps have a direct, positive impact in the development in social integration and citizenship, environmental awareness, attitudes towards physical activity, emotional intelligence, personal development and self-confidence.

More about the types of planned gifts ​to consider. The information presented here can help facilitate discussions between you and your advisor. It is not intended as legal or financial advice. We encourage you to consult a qualified professional.

Wills & Bequests

A charitable bequest is a gift specified in your will. It is an easy and effective way to support children and young adults with chronic and life-threatening illnesses for our future generations. You can designate a certain sum of money, a particular asset, or a portion of your estate. Whatever form your gift takes, the result is the same – happier and healthier children.

How to Leave a Bequest: To include a bequest to Zajac Ranch Society in your will, you should consult with a lawyer or notary experienced in estate planning. They can help you prepare a new will or add a codicil to your existing one.

Types of Bequests and Sample Language: (We recommend that you carefully review the terms of your will with a professional trained in handling trusts and estates):

General Bequests are legacies left to certain people or causes that come from the general value of the estate, and are made by designating a specific dollar amount, a particular asset or a fixed percentage of your estate to the cause of your choice.

Suggested bequest language:
“I give, devise, and bequeath to Zajac Ranch Society, located at 300 – 2006 West 10th Ave. Vancouver, BC Canada, with the charitable registration number 86039 2877 RR0001 with the sum of $________ (or a description of the specific asset), for the benefit of Zajac Ranch Society and its general purposes.”

Specific Bequests are made when a particular item or property is bequeathed for a designated purpose. (i.e., instruments bequeathed to the local school district for use in music education; dollar funds to be used in the operation of a school or church.)

Specific bequest language:
“I give, devise, and bequeath to Zajac Ranch Society, located at 300 – 2006 West 10th Ave. Vancouver, BC Canada, with the charitable registration number 86039 2877 RR0001, the sum of $_______ (or a description of a specific asset), for the benefit of Zajac Ranch Society to be used for the following purpose: (state the purpose). If at any time in the judgment of the trustees of Zajac Ranch Society it is impossible or impracticable to carry out exactly the designated purpose, they shall determine an alternative purpose closest to the designated purpose.”​

​Residual Bequests are made when you intend to leave the residue portion of your assets after other terms of the will have been satisfied.

Residuary bequest language:
“All the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, I give to Zajac Ranch Society, located at 300 – 2006 West 10th Ave. Vancouver, Canada, with the charitable registration number 86039 2877 RR0001, for its general purposes.”

​Contingency Bequests allow you to leave a portion of your estate to a particular charity if your named beneficiary does not survive you.

Contingency bequest language:
“I devise and bequeath the residue of the property, real and personal and wherever situated, owned by me at my death, to (name of beneficiary), if (she/he) survives me. If (name of beneficiary) does not survive me, I devise and bequeath my residuary estate to Zajac Ranch Society, located at 300 – 2006 West 10th Ave. Vancouver, Canada, with the charitable registration number 86039 2877 RR0001, for its general purposes.”

​Without a will, there is no mechanism in place to make a bequest, so here are the steps you should take to make sure your wishes are granted.

  • Make a list of organizations or causes that you would like to support.
  • Make a detailed list of your assets (financial, real estate, vehicles, jewelry, collectibles, musical instruments, etc.)
  • Set up an appointment with your financial analyst or attorney, or planned giving officer at the organization you intend to support. These professionals will help sensitively guide you through the process.


You can designate Zajac Ranch Society as a beneficiary of your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF). These assets are highly taxed after the later of your or your spouse’s death. By donating a RRSP or RRIF, you will offset the tax that would otherwise be payable on these assets by your estate.

In addition, legacy gifts of a RRSP or RRIF are not included in the value of your estate, thus avoiding probate fees.

Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)

Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
A Charitable Remainder Trust is a life income gift that enables you to give today (with immediate tax savings) while retaining use of the asset (investments, real estate, work of art, etc.). After a prescribed period of time or upon your death, the asset is transferred to Zajac Ranch Society. The result of this planned gift is that you can receive income or use of the property during life but have provided the charity with an irrevocable legacy gift.

Benefits to You:

  • You receive a lifetime income from the assets you donate
  • You receive immediate tax benefits to off-set your current income
  • Gifts of appreciated property can be structured to avoid capital gains tax
  • A CRT is not included in the value of your estate, thus avoiding probate fees. Unlike a bequest, this type of gift cannot be challenged in court
  • You support future generations of children across Canada

Note: This type of gift is irrevocable (you cannot change the terms of the gift or trust).


You can donate real estate, shares in privately-held corporations, royalty interests, works of art, jewelry, or other property to Zajac Ranch Society.

Prior to accepting the gift and issuing a receipt for income tax purposes, Zajac Ranch Society will require a professional appraisal completed by a qualified third-party appraiser to determine the fair market value of the property.


Donating appreciated stocks or mutual funds is the most tax-effective way to make an outright gift during your lifetime or as part of a legacy gift.

When an individual sells an appreciated stock or mutual fund they are required to pay tax on 50 per cent of the capital gain. However, thanks to the Federal Budget of May 2006, if they donate the appreciated securities to charity, they pay no capital gains tax.

Benefits of making a gift of securities to Zajac Ranch Society:

  • A charitable tax receipt will be issued for the fair market value of the securities No capital gains tax owing if gifted to a public charity
  • Satisfaction of seeing your donation put to good use
  • A not-needed asset is removed from your portfolio and converted to a charitable gift
  • Opportunity to create a lasting charitable legacy through estate planning

Your donation may be outright, providing funds for immediate use, or it may be planned now for a future date.

For more information please review our Legacy Giving Information or contact us. We would be happy to help you leave your legacy through The Zajac Foundation.