As a PSW at Zajac Ranch, it is expected that you meet the specific medical and personal individual needs of your camper as well as facilitate and encourage the participation in all aspects of camp life. The following list should illustrate expectations and recommendations to assist you throughout your camp week at the ranch.

  1. Overall responsibility for each cabin group, of which your camper is assigned to,
    lies with the Zajac Ranch counsellors. Please be as helpful as possible to the Zajac
    Ranch staff. Please let a member of the Support Staff know if you have any
    questions or concerns during your time with us.
  2. If you have a private or semi-private room in the upstairs of a dorm, please make
    sure your room is unlocked before you leave each time in order to avoid locking
    yourself out. Should this happen let one of the Zajac staff members know and
    they can have the room re-opened for you.
  3. Cell phones and other electronics are only to be used when there are no campers
    around. They should only be used in the designated areas. Please speak to our
    Camp Director if this applies to you.
  4. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area. Please speak to our
    Camp Director if this applies to you.
  5. In case of an emergency, members of Support Staff are available by radio or by
    phone at any time of day or night. If you are unsure, members of your
    counselling team will know who is on call and how to reach him/her, if
  6. Phones are available for use in the office, the medical centre, and the dining hall
    in case of emergency. Please ask a staff member if you require use of one of
    these phones.
  7. The dining hall is the only place where food should be consumed unless it is part
    of a program (i.e., popcorn at movie night, Jello for Zeyo)
  8. If you require a break outside of night time watch, please communicate this with
    the cabin counsellors to ensure your 1:1 is being supervised. Breaks should be
    brief and only taken when appropriate.
  9. The counselling team should be aware of where you are at all times