Fundraising Ambassadors

Throughout the year we have lots of opportunities for you to get involved in fundraising campaigns organized by Zajac Ranch such as Hats Off for Zajac Ranch.

Lots of our supporters however also like to arrange their own fundraising events within their local community, school or workplace. These events come in all shapes and sizes from birthday bake sales, to sports competitions, from trivia nights through to pizza parties!

To get started, complete our Fundraising Application Form. *Please note, certain fundraising efforts are considered gambling, and therefore, require a gaming event licence. To find out more, please visit the BC Gaming website.

Meet Elaine and our Mud Heroes

Since 2015, Elaine, Sue, Rhonda, Lynda and Kelli (Team Mud Wind & Fire) have joined thousands of others at the 6km Mud Hero Toronto run & obstacle course.

Elaine’s daughter, Madison, has been attending summer camp at Zajac Ranch for several years, and this team wanted to give back, raising more than $6,000 to help send children to summer camp!

Climbing walls, wading through chest deep mud pits, pulling up on rope nets and maneuvered through a forest with muddy trails were just some of the challenges they faced and Elaine recalls, “At one point, I was climbing the rope ladder to the top of a very high structure I was shaking in my dirty shoes as I am afraid of heights! At that moment though I had a vision of my daughter Madison climbing the telephone pole at Zajac Ranch and walking across the high wire. She was doing things that she had never done before and finding the courage to try something new. Then it dawned on me; we are doing this for all the wonderful brave kids that have challenged themselves at camp. I really felt a connection with them. Then, as reached the bottom I heard my team cheer for me and hug me and give high fives, just like the counsellors at Zajac do for the campers!”

To set your own fundraising challenge, register your event with us and one of our fundraisers will be in touch to help you have a successful event!