Hats Off

Get involved in something fun this fall by supporting our Hats off to Zajac Ranch campaign.

What is it all about?
The ‘Hats Off’ campaign encourages you to wear your favourite, oldest, or maybe most flamboyant hat to work in support of Zajac Ranch for Children. Our campaign runs throughout November so choose a week to wear your hat – or just choose one day for your workplace, friends or family to host an event.

How does it raise money?
In the lead up to your ‘Hats Off’ day, sell  badges in your workplace for $5,$10 or $20 and all the proceeds come to Zajac Ranch. During the week you could also organize a bake sale or fashion show in the office to raise some additional funds. For example: if you have 10 employees, you could raise $50 which would pay for an hour activity session for 10 children.

I want to get involved, what should I do now?
It's easy! Simply complete the sign up form or contact us at info@zajac.com and we will arrange to send out your buttons and posters to help promote the event in your workplace. Be sure to check out the Hats Off Information Sheet for tips on how to spread the word and make it a fun event!