Retreats & Conferences

Our facilities boast all the space you need to host a successful retreat or conference, with a gymnasium, sporting field, lodge lounges, quick and easy access to Stave Lake shoreline, and nearby hiking trails. Our lodges can comfortably accommodate 30 to 100 people, making it easy to find a space that suits your group’s needs.

Our all-inclusive overnight rate includes all meals, so you won’t have to worry about planning or preparing meals during your retreat.

In addition to our comfortable lodges and great meals, we offer a range of amenities to enhance your retreat experience. You and your guests can enjoy access to lodge lounges, a dining hall, a covered picnic area, and a sporting field. Our facilities are accredited by the BC Camping Association, ensuring that you can trust the quality of our services and facilities.

The best part about renting the Zajac Ranch is that proceeds go to funding the Zajac Camper Allowance. By taking advantage of our facilities and activities, you help children with life-threatening and/or debilitating conditions experience the magic of summer camp.

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Zajac Ranch for Children welcomes groups for booking between the months of September – May. We are fully booked June – August with our summer camps.

For our complete availability contact or call 604-739-0444

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Keep Your Guests Entertained

We also offer a wide range of activities for your guests to enjoy, from team-building exercises to outdoor adventures. Whether you want to take a peaceful hike through the nearby trails, play a game of soccer on our sporting field, or try your hand at archery or rock climbing, we have something for everyone.
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