How You Can Help

Legacy Giving

We know you. You care about your community and you work diligently to make the world a better place. You give, you advocate, and you volunteer. We know you because you are the person that has helped us turn dreams into reality for thousands of children. Without you our work would be impossible.

We know you because you are the person who asks, “What more can I do to help?” With a Legacy Gift, you can make a difference in the lives that follow and ensure that your contributions have a lasting effect. Your donation can inspire others to make similar commitments, as well as provide valuable tax benefits.

Legacy giving is a wonderful way to support the things you care about most, now and after you’re gone. For many donors, it’s also an important part of their estate planning and exemplifies the vision and forethought of their philanthropic beliefs. Also, by including charitable gifts in your estate planning, you may eliminate significant taxes.

Most importantly, your Legacy Gift to the Zajac Ranch Society helps us plan for the future needs of Zajac Ranch for Children and provides funding for our summer medical camps benefiting children and young adults with serious and chronic illnesses and disabilities. Summer camps have a direct, positive impact in the development in social integration and citizenship, environmental awareness, attitudes towards physical activity, emotional intelligence, personal development and self-confidence.

More about the types of planned gifts ​to consider. The information presented here can help facilitate discussions between you and your advisor. It is not intended as legal or financial advice. We encourage you to consult a qualified professional.

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