Leadership & Staff

Zajac Ranch for Children

Zajac Ranch Society Board of Directors

Linda Annis (Chairperson)

Executive Director, Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers (director since 2004)

Pamela O'Sullivan

Health Care Consultant (director since 2015)

Gary Steeves

Senior Account Manager, Parissa Labs (director since 2010)

Tom Wong

TCW Associates Ltd.

Zajac Ranch for Children

The Mel Jr. & Marty Zajac Foundation Board of Directors

Mel Zajac (Chairman)

Founder, The Mel Jr. & Marty Zajac Foundation (director since 1997)

Dr. Mel Bruchet

Family Physician (director since 2013)

Christian Codrington

Principal, Forum HCM (director since 2015)

Carl Joosse

President, Black Dog Limited (director since 2010)

Jeffrey Uppal

President & Founder, Velox Partnerships (director since 2014)

Howard A. Blank

President & CEO

Point Blank Entertainment

Tom Wong

TCW Associates Ltd (director since 2012)

Kathleen McGarrigle

Executive Consultant

Norman Stowe

Managing Partner

Pace Group Communications Inc.

Byron Wilson

Founder, Azuro Concepts Inc.

Zajac Ranch for Children

The Mel Jr. & Marty Zajac Foundation Advisory Board

David Aisenstat

President & CEO, Keg Restaurants Ltd

John Devita

President, CT Control Temp

Honourable John Reynolds, P.C.

Senior Strategic Advisor, McMillan LLP

Zajac Ranch for Children

Ranch & Foundation Staff

Mel Zajac, Chairman

Mel’s present project, The Zajac Ranch for Children, is his most ambitious project yet. Mel’s drive, determination and devotion to his dream of creating a camp for children who otherwise would never have the opportunity to go to camp has become a reality. View a complete biography of Mel Zajac.

Carmen Zajac, President

Carmen has served as the President of The Zajac Foundation for over 15 years and as President of Zajac Ranch for Children for over 8 years. Part of Carmen’s role as President is to meet with government officials, voluntary health organizations, corporations and service groups to ensure the development of the Zajac Ranch, which provides a unique camping opportunity for children with life threatening and chronic illnesses and disabilities. She lives in North Vancouver with her husband and two sons.

​Devon Orth-Lashley
Camp Coordinator

Devon moved to British Columbia in 2012 to attend UBC and has since found a passion working in the non-profit sector. Her background includes non-profit, hospitality, administration and sales. She spent many years at summer camp in her home province of Ontario, both as a camper and staff member, so working with Zajac Ranch for Children is the perfect fit!

Emily McFarlane
Camp Director

Emily is a camp person through and through. She has been working in the camp non-profit sector for the last 14 years with various organizations across Canada and could not be happier about it. After obtaining her teaching licence in Ontario and BC, she found that her love for fun, community and basically all things CAMP were better met outside of the regular classroom setting. She is excited about her role at Zajac Ranch. 

Sheila Smith
Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Sheila joined The Zajac Foundation in 2008 as Executive Assistant / Office Manager with over 25 years of office administration experience in the private sector. Sheila is proud to be able to contribute to an organization which provides such a wonderful opportunity for children with medical needs to experience summer camp.

Selina Hui

Selina has a background in accounting roles for both private & public sector, and her career goal is to work towards making a contribution in helping less fortunate community, she personally think that would have a bigger impact on mankind rather than working in an industry. Her interests include traveling, exercising and gardening, and is very thankful to be living in beautiful British Columbia