Aidan has lived with a developmental coordination disorder since early childhood. He struggles with speech apraxia, low cognitive ability and he demonstrates some characteristics found on the autism spectrum. Aidan cannot care for himself and requires supervision. Due to his many challenges, the ability to access extra-curricular opportunities is very limited for Aidan.

His parents were encouraged by the warm reception they received as a family and the direct connection that was made with Aidan upon his arrival.

“We immediately felt reassured due to the caring attitude of the camp counselor that our son was assigned to.”

While at camp, Aidan gained a lot of confidence and he was comfortable being away from home for the 5 days. He was exposed to a number of new, fun experiences in a supportive and compassionate environment without the direct support or involvement of his parents or sibling. Aidan pursued his passion for animals and the outdoors while at Zajac Ranch. He especially loved being around the horses!

Aidan’s parents left the Zajac Ranch with complete peace of mind – the warm reception and Aidan’s response to this new environment was all they needed to feel comfortable in the knowledge that Aidan was going to have a joyous and adventure-filled summer camp.

“We hope that Camp Zajac will provide an outlet for Aidan each summer; a time for him to look forward to and treasure. We would like Camp Zajac to become a tradition where he can continue to develop the relationships he formed and the familiarity with this special place.” – Aron, Aidan’s dad.