Stories like Chloe’s remind us why we do what we do.

Colette, Chloe’s mum, shares with us that when Chloe was younger she had an apprehension with all animals. However, since attending Zajac Ranch and being able to interact with animals in our petting zoo, and particularly with the Ranch’s horses, she has gained more confidence and her fear has diminished significantly. Now, Chloe loves the horses! Colette expresses how “ever since the first time at Zajac Ranch, she (Chloe) tells us how much she is looking forward to camp and the horses.”

Chloe lives with a genetic condition that comes with a global developmental delay, but in Colette’s words, also comes with “an incredibly sunny disposition.” Said condition causes Chloe to struggle with certain academic tasks, even simple ones, but she excels in day-to-day social aspects. As a result, the opportunity to attend camp at Zajac Ranch is invaluable for her, as she gets to make new friends and have new experiences that help her grow and mature as a person.

Colette shares that attending camp, especially for the first time, might be scary but is definitely worth it. She believes all kids should be able to experience camp as part of growing up, which is why a camp like Zajac Ranch is so important, as it gives kids with medical conditions a traditional camp experience. Colette advises ‘first-time’ camper parents to “embrace the experience and give their campers as much support and encouragement as they need to make it through the ‘first time’. Once the nervous jitters are gone, enjoy the time you have knowing your child is having the time of their life.”