Daniel and Rachel are siblings, and both have autism Spectrum Disorder. Aged 22 and 19, they can struggle in social situations and daily life. However, at Zajac Ranch they have found a place where they can be themselves without social pressures and standards to be met.

Jenny, Daniel and Rachel’s mom, shares, “They love Zajac Ranch; it is the highlight of their summer every year!” Jenny continues, “They really enjoy all the activities they get to do, all the people they meet and get to share with, and all the leaders and counsellors. They also love being away from their parents for a few days.”

Zajac Ranch was their first experience away from their parents overnight. “It was scary, but exciting,” says Jenny. “It was hard to leave them, but everyone at Zajac made us feel really comfortable, and I knew they were in good hands.” She and her husband Ian also appreciate the break from their caregiving duties.

“It is the only time during the whole year that they are away from us, and camp gives them a big boost of confidence.” Jenny adds, “They are much more self-sufficient and able to manage things of their own than they ever thought they could be.” Daniel and Rachel have now been coming to Zajac for a few years, and have immensely grown due to the camp experience.

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