Garrison is one of our Young Adult Campers and this is his second year at Zajac Ranch. He currently lives in Kelowna and he earnestly awaits for the time when he can come to the beautiful shores of Stave Lake in Mission, BC to Zajac Ranch for Children.

Developmental delays, which create certain limitations, especially with expressive communication, are among the challenges Garrison’s disability poses. Yet, at Zajac Ranch, he is empowered to overcome these challenges and enjoy being himself in an inclusive community. In fact, one of Garrison’s favourite parts of camp is seeing his camp counsellors. For him, having counsellors who are around his age is an invaluable part of camp as it provides the opportunity to simply have fun and hang out.

Garrison holds many camp memories dear. He enjoys the variety of activities offered, and swimming in particular is one of his favourite ones. Garrison’s parents look forward to camp as much as he does because they know that, at camp, he is safe while at the same time enjoying himself. “Camp is great fun and he gets to have time in the woods with supportive and encouraging individuals who positively impact him,” says Garrison’s mother, Violet.

“Go for it” is Garrison’s mom’s advice to all those considering coming to Zajac Ranch, especially for the first time. She continues, “it may be initially a bit worrying, but know the camp counsellors are incredibly caring and supportive.”