Gavin is fourteen years old and has now attended Zajac Ranch twice. Attending Zajac Ranch provides him with the incredible opportunity to expand his horizons and overcome his fears in a safe and supportive environment.

When Gavin attends camp at Zajac Ranch, he is able to enjoy the thrill and freedom of participating in the different activities offered, which is not always the case outside of camp. He has been diagnosed with Hemophilia A, and as a result, he usually cannot partake in high-impact or physically demanding sports due to the risk of spontaneous bleeding. However, thanks to our onsite medical centre, The OK Corral, and our expert volunteer doctors and nurses, both Gavin and his parents rest assured knowing all his unique medical needs are taken care of.

Some of Gavin’s favourite activities at camp are kayaking and horseback riding. His parents excitedly share that he is no longer afraid of big animals and he has even sought horseback riding outside of camp – and this is only part of the long-term, lasting impact camp has had on him! Beyond camp, Gavin now actively seeks activities to which he was not exposed to before and possesses greater confidence to participate in them.

Gavin’s parents encourage other first-time campers, especially those who have never spent a week away from home, to not worry. Gavin’s father affirms that “since there are healthcare professionals, and many volunteers involved, activities are safe.” Gavin’s dad continues, “this is a unique camp where children with medical conditions can enjoy outside of their parents’ boundaries… my child enjoys the time there and learns new things every year.”