Kenneth is moderately to severely affected by autism, being also cognitively limited. Michiru, Kenneth’s mom, describes him as “a sweet and happy boy, very sociable. He wants to visit his classmates and have playdates, or even sleepovers, but due to his social and cognitive challenges, it is just not feasible. Because of his social issues and cognitive limitation, he cannot attend school and community activities without support.”

Kenneth enjoys Zajac Ranch and talks about his experience with a big smile continuously throughout the year. His favourite activity is swimming, both in the lake and the pool. He also loves playing table tennis, going horseback riding, dancing, and eating the delicious food at camp. “He looks forward to camp at Zajac Ranch so much! Camp has helped him gain confidence, and it has also given us hope for his future. Kenneth will always require support for living, but his developing emotional and psychological independence gives us hope that he will be able to live happily in a setting such as a group home in the future.”

Michiru also shares how “Zajac Ranch has helped Kenneth gain confidence and happiness in trying new activities, and it will continue to influence his future opportunities, possibilities, and his quality of life in the future. After the first time Kenneth attended Zajac Ranch, I realized that I had been underestimating Kenneth’s abilities, both physically and psychologically. They gain a feeling of independence, confidence, and achievement, which is invaluable for their future.”