Logan is expectant and excited to come to Zajac Ranch every year. He was born with pan-hypopituitarism, meaning that a large portion of Logan’s brain never developed. This condition has brought him many physical and mental challenges. There were no expectations of him ever walking, talking, or being able to see or enjoying any quality of life. However, Renee, Logan’s mom, says that “he has defied all expectations and is an amazing young man, full of humor, love and life.”

When she was approached by a friend to see if Logan would like to go to camp five years ago, Renee was very hesitant. Logan is fully dependent on her and had never in 14 years been away from her one night. Renee dropped him off waiting for the call to turn around and pick him up, but it never came.

“Zajac Ranch provides a safe, amazing place for Logan to shine,” says Renee. “It is the best week of my son’s summer. Logan’s first camp experience was so amazing for him that he talked about it every single day for a whole year.”

“Logan has grown so much more independent since going away to camp. He came back a different person – he is more independent, full of joy, braver, more vocal and tries new things. He is very excited to go back every year and be a part of something that is just for him: not for his siblings, not for our family, but for just him.”

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