Meet Mason

Mason feels accepted at Zajac Ranch, which is a big win. As he gets older he's noticing his differences and is insecure by how his face looks compared to other kids. He didn't know there were other kids that deal with similar challenges until he attended our Mixed Diagnosis Camp. Our Mixed Diagnosis Camps are structured for individuals with various medical concerns, giving them the opportunity to share with and learn from other campers with different conditions.

His parents let us know Mason was born with a cleft lip and palate along with a collapsed nasal. He was their first child and they didn't find out about his facial defect until he was born. Because of this surprise, they missed out on a lot of milestones during the first nine months of his life as they traveled from their home in Salmon Arm to Vancouver for medical appointments. Throughout his treatment, Mason developed severe anxiety towards dentists and most health care providers - likely due to the many mouth molds and pictures to create roof plates and nasal props. Today Mason still experiences anxiety when attending medical appointments, but has gradually improved over the years. 

When remembering camp, Mason says his favorite memories are the food, horse back riding climbing and the talent show. He was excited to learn about other kids and their journey, and enjoyed sharing his story with them. Being surrounded by children with similar conditions has had a significant impact on how Mason interacts with kids at school. He loves telling his friends in September all about camp and wearing his Zajac Ranch t-shirt!