This year marks Natalie’s 12th year attending Zajac Ranch. Maureen, Natalie’s mom, says, “Each year we fill out the application and wait for the great news that she is attending camp again!” Maureen continues, “Every year I am emotional when dropping off Natalie or picking her up, but we are so grateful that she has been able to attend Zajac Ranch not just one year but twelve!”

Natalie, who was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was only two years old, has required special assistance every day throughout her school years. “For children like Natalie who find it hard fitting in at school, fitting in at camp is very important. This is an environment where all children or young adults with special needs fit in. They get to experience so many different activities with lots of encouragement from other campers and counsellors. They feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.”

For Natalie, coming to Zajac Ranch means an opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old ones, and enjoying her favourite activities such as horseback riding. Zajac Ranch has given Natalie a lifetime of treasured camp memories, like breaking out of her comfort zone and climbing to the top of the ropes with the help and encouragement of other campers and camp counsellors.

Natalie lives in Chase, BC, a very small community of 2,500 people. She feels lucky to have an extremely supportive group of people surrounding her. Wherever she goes, she is asked about camp, and everyone enjoys hearing about hear her exciting adventures. Natalie is also happy to encourage other children to go to camp and experience the great camp life that Zajac Ranch has to offer kids with special needs, and hopes to one day return as a camp counsellor.

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