Rory in the pool

Rory gets very excited every time his mom talks about Zajac Ranch with him. Although he can’t talk, his smiles and laughs tell the story. Rory has Mowat-Wilson syndrome, a rare condition that deeply affects his physical and mental development. This summer was Rory’s second time attending summer camp at Zajac Ranch, and he enjoys being able to be outdoors, playing different sports and games, swimming, and having fun while making new friends.

“I loved it and he loved it,” Brenda, Rory’s mom, says. “As a single parent, I’ve never had much support or had my son leave home for overnights before. I was very nervous. But driving into Zajac, meeting the staff and his counsellor, I was immediately put at ease and knew that he was going to have the time of his life.”

Brenda also shares how camp has helped him improve his skills and independence. “His progress continues to encourage us to work toward independence for Rory and helps us all build confidence in giving him opportunities for growth,” says Brenda. She adds, “He has been a lot more active, outgoing and expressive in wanting to do more activities outside than before. He’s also less shy. I’m very happy about his personal growth in such a short amount of time. This camp is the perfect place for him to shine!”

Rory on a horse

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