Seiya loves to come to Zajac Ranch and practice his archery skills every summer. Seiya has Hemophilia A, a genetic disorder caused by missing or defective clotting protein. People with hemophilia A often bleed longer than other people, and bleeds can occur internally, into joints and muscles, or externally, from minor cuts or trauma. At the age of two, Seiya developed inhibitors, which means his body rejected the factor protein he was being given. As a youngster, Seiya’s condition prevented him from playing on playgrounds like other children would do, as he could never play independently. As he got older, Seiya has only been able to choose and play sports that have minimal contact, which remains true to this day.

Being able to attend Zajac Ranch for Children has allowed Seiya to develop the self-confidence needed to spend time away from his parents. “Camp experience at Zajac Ranch has impacted my life by allowing me to become more open minded and conscious of everyone around me,” says Saiya. “I learned how to self-infuse at camp and I now do that every second day,” Seiya adds. “Camp has also made me a more skilled, stronger, and thoughtful child.” One of Seiya’s favourite activities at camp is the high ropes, something he had never experienced before. Seiya now participates in everything at camp and feels reassured that the nurses can help him assess any injury. Seiya’s favourite memories from camp include having s’mores around the camp fire, playing ping pong, kayaking and enjoying all the great meals.

His mom adds, “Camp at Zajac Ranch has been a wonderful place to spend a week of summer. It gives us, as parents, the peace of mind that our child can have a wonderful and safe outdoor camp experience with medical care provided. Zajac Ranch is the only camp Seiya has been able to attend because of his medical requirements. He would never have attended a camp otherwise.”

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