Zajac Ranch is thrilled to have been able to adjust our programming to offer Family Retreats this summer. Our Day Retreats have been a great way for people to get a peek at what our campers get to enjoy each year. Day Retreat participants are invited to experience “camp in a day” getting a whirlwind tour of what Zajac Ranch has to offer and allowing them to focus on what they need to be mentally well during the pandemic.

Our Monday retreats have been a great chance to welcome local families who come for the day to enjoy some of our most popular activities such as horse riding, canoeing, low ropes, and our unique Skynet – 3 incredible trampolines up in the trees! We have welcomed the families of some of our campers who have been with us in previous years, as well as new families who have heard about us for the first time this summer. We could have not asked for better weather since we started and we are looking forward to continuing hosting these day retreats each Monday! – Vera Pina, Camp Director

We are incredibly grateful for the support from previous and new funders who have stepped forward to help make this initiative a reality. It’s been wonderful to see families enjoying time outdoors in nature after spending most of the spring indoors. Our resident sheep, horses, alpacas, goats, and donkey have been excited to have visitors, and we love to see our facilities being enjoyed by the visiting families.

You can find more information about our Family Day Retreats here.