New Medical Staff Dormitory

Nurses and medical volunteers do so much for our campers, and the community, we want to do something for them. A new nursing dormitory is under construction to allow medical volunteers to properly rest and recoup from their important and necessary duties.

Being able to provide higher quality accommodation for our volunteers and nursing staff allows us to attract more highly qualified people.During the rest of the year, it will be rented as a well-appointed
cabin that will sleep up to 8 people (four couples). It can be reserved for a family gathering in the wilderness over the holiday season and for snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing adventures. All proceeds from our rental revenue go towards funding our summer camps.

The OK corral is a comfortable, fun and well equipped center. Typical tasks of medical volunteers include giving out meds in the morning, lunch and dinner and assisting children who may not be feeling well or who experience seizures and/or other conditions on a regular basis. The volunteer nurses and doctors are coordinated by our medical director who goes over each case with the volunteers.
Because of the nature of these volunteer's careers, we offer the flexibility to be at camp for the amount of time that works for them. Be it a day, weekend, or full week. As valuable members of our team and the wider community, the new nursing dormitory will allow the medical team to get the rest they deserve.