One Happy Camper: Meet Jordan

April 17, 2023

Zajac Ranch for Children wants to live in a world where every child has equal access to the benefits of a summer camp experience.  Can you help us make that a reality?

Unfortunately, for children like Jordan Lanctot, living with a complex medical condition, the unjust truth is that the transformational benefits that come with being included in a summer camp program remain elusive for children in this community.

Sadly, there are roughly 70% fewer extracurricular options for children with special medical needs because intake requirements can lack inclusivity and adaptability. Often, if an activity can be found, the price is too high or the waiting list is too long.

For eighteen years, Zajac Ranch for Children has remained wholeheartedly committed to our promise of positively impacting children.  We continue to develop and operate the most innovative medical camp where everything is accessible and inclusive and where everybody can participate.  Since 2004, we have provided a place of inspiration, hope, and accessibility where kids can concentrate on camp’s main purpose: having fun and making friends.

Supporting a child with a disability can be difficult and can cause strain on both parents and children. Jordan lives with a neurological disorder called Lissencephaly, which includes symptoms such as speech delay, sleep issues, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and requires 1:1 supportive assistance for most of life’s basic needs.  Because of his complicated medical condition, he is often denied inclusion in most recreational activities.

When Jordan was ten, he began to crave some independence away from his parents.  The search then began for an activity and program where he would feel comfortable and well taken care of while making memories and having fun away from home.

Cindy and Jim Lanctot acknowledge that a life-changing moment happened for them with one visit to Zajac Ranch.  The family attended an open house to see if Jordan would be a fit and were extremely impressed by the values and attitude held by Zajac Ranch staff that “The impossible, is always possible” and by the number of services and support programs available to help their son.

Working together, the family and staff, planned to support Jordan’s extra needs in his required accommodation, meal program, changing facilities, medical regime, and activity adaptations.  Despite being nervous to leave their son behind for the first time, Jordan set off on his adventure with his caregiver Georgia, while his parents were left to have some well-deserved R&R.

Georgia says of the experience: “Right from the start, he was embraced and well-cared for.  Every activity was adapted so he could participate and there seemed to be no limits to what he could do – a welcome change to the barriers and limitations he encounters at home day in and day out.  Jordan experienced everything to the fullest and enjoyed himself with no reservations.”

Upon Jordan’s return home, his parents were delighted to see that his confidence was at an all-time high, “bursting with new communication noises and gestures.”  Cindy and Jim are certain that “partaking in all that Zajac Ranch has to offer has been a highlight of Jordan’s life.”

One Happy Camper: Meet Jordan