Rainy Days and Mondays

Well, it’s another rainy Monday here at the Ranch! I’m sure you have those Mondays where every little detail seems to be going wrong; you leave your wallet or cell phone at home, you get stuck in traffic, the sweater you wanted to wear this morning is still wet in the dryer, etc. Well, let’s just say that that’s how my day started today. That, combined with what seems like constant rain was more than enough to have me in a funk today.

I got to the office and started thinking about what should go into my latest blog post, which got me thinking about camp, when it came to me – things go wrong at camp all the time, on a minute-by-minute basis, but we’re having so much fun! How many times have we wished that the rain would hold off for just one more hour so we could finish the awesome Evening Program we had planned? How often can we not find the exact program supply we need (hint: it’s almost always painter’s tape!)? We lose things, we forget things, someone gets hurt or upset. Things are constantly going differently than we thought.

This has led to my consistent camp philosophy: plan carefully, be prepared, and then be ready to throw the plan out the window at all times.

So many of these mishaps in the camp season have led to backup plans which turned out to be even better – a brand new program that knocked everyone’s socks off (figuratively speaking, of course!), entire Theme Days that materialised because we didn’t have enough of something to pull of the one we had planned. Some of my favourite campfire songs were made up on the spot when we forgot the words to another one, and some of my favourite Evening Programs exist only because what was planned wasn’t going to work in the current circumstances. Camp is all about rolling with the punches, changing the plan, and coming up with the next best (or hopefully even better!) plan.

Camp is an easy place to think and feel that way, because everyone else around is so excited, enthusiastic, and dedicated to making every program the best program we can run. It’s a little harder outside of the summer, but it got me thinking…

What if we apply that philosophy to the everyday things that don’t go quite as we planned?

There are lots of instances in regular life when something great comes out of a sudden change of plans: a new culinary creation because you are missing the ingredient you could have sworn you had, finding a new coffee spot or walking trail because you got lost or had to take a detour, a new friend you never would have met had circumstances been different. Every day is a chance to plan carefully, be prepared, and then throw out the plan entirely.

Suddenly, the rainy Monday doesn’t seem quite so bad!

What awesome thing has come from a sudden change of plans in your life?