Red Fox Healthy Living Society is grateful to the Zajac Ranch organization and donors for giving us an amazing experience at the Ranch. 28 members of our team – youth leaders, staff members and family members – enjoyed three fun-filled days of activities. Many of the youth had never experienced camping before and most had never tried horseback riding, archery or orienteering. Red Fox delivers up to four programs a day when operations are running as normal, so our team rarely gets a chance to spend quality time together. We are all busy running programs in different municipalities.  The camp experience benefitted us in another way too: Red Fox is an employment training program for youth who face barriers, with a focus on Indigenous youth, racialized youth and youth with disabilities. The youth got to experience facets of recreation that were new to them and this increased their knowledge and skills in the vast field of recreation. It has expanded their awareness and appreciation for what is possible. The staff at the Ranch were welcoming, friendly and helpful. Everyone felt special and included. Our team is refreshed, invigorated and ready to take on new challenges. Thank you so much to the Zajac Ranch Foundation and to the donors.

Emma Sutherland
Executive Director
Red Fox Healthy Living Society