The Perfect Staff

It’s winter at Zajac Ranch! All of the animals have grown their winter coats, a light-to-heavy dusting of snow covers the Ranch and our camp ponds have frozen over. It may seem like the perfect time to huddle in with a good book by the fire but it’s also the perfect time to start thinking about summer!

Camp is a magical experience, and those who get to participate truly feel that they are a part of something. They become invested in the people, the program and the place that encourages everyone to truly be their best and happiest selves in a safe and supportive environment. This is true for not just for campers but also staff!

Our staff are just as passionate about camp as our campers. Every year, Zajac Ranch hires people from all over Canada and the world to come be Wranglers and Rangers on the Ranch. We open applications for summer staff and volunteers in December and complete hiring in April. We pride ourselves on cultivating a community of people who embody the joy and happiness that we want all of our campers to feel when they are with us at camp.

So how do we do that?

Camp is built by the people that are here. Since we have all kinds of different campers, we also need all kinds of different people to help meet their needs. What type of personality do you think a camp counsellor should have? Do you imagine someone extroverted, singing songs at the top of their lungs, dancing in front of the group, and leading everyone in super happy fun times? Yes! We love these types of counsellors, and their energy and spirit help make camp a magical experience! What you may not think about is other personality types that are just as essential to making camp great. Quiet people with two left feet who can't carry a tune also make camp magical, as they can connect with campers on a completely different level. The only critical skills common of all our staff are compassion, patience, and, of course, a love of camp!

Here is a list of just some skills and traits that may be more “outside the box” when thinking about the perfect camp counsellor:

  • Arts and craftsy
  • A love of reading
  • Passionate (about anything - cards, science, performing, magic, cows)
  • Calm communication skills
  • Whistling skills
  • Humour
  • Can wiggle their ears
  • Ability to make great mashed potatoes
  • Yoga aficionado
  • Really... anything!

Do you know someone who you think would make a great camp counsellor?

Please send them our way! They can contact us or visit our website for more information or to apply.

Applications are now open for Summer 2018 and we cannot wait to meet our new team!

That’s all for now folks! Tune in next month for the next edition of the Sheriff’s Report!