The Sheriff’s Report is a monthly blog written by the Camp Director updating you on the Ranch, camp and all things wonderful happening in and around our community.  We hope this help parents, campers, get excited for camp, get to know and become comfortable with the team and also stay connected with the Ranch and the Zajac community.

Zajac Ranch is excited to introduce you to Emily, the new Camp Director for the Ranch. She has been working with camps for children and adults with diverse needs for the past 12 years. Most recently she has been teaching in Victoria during the winter and acting in the role of Camp Director with B.C. Easter Seal’s Camps. She learned so much from both of these roles. She is so excited to be movin’ on over to the Ranch and to develop the skills she has been growing for over a decade as well as challenge herself in my these new western surroundings.

Emily with a silly smile, flowers in her hair and smudges on her face

These are a few of Emily’s favourite things!

  • Casual musical references
  • CAMP
  • Campers and getting to see people experience the magic of camp
  • Cheese
  • Outdoor arts and crafts!

You may be wondering… What is a camp director?

A camp director is the go-to person for Camp. They have a few different roles depending on the time of year.

Before camp: They are the person who recruits, interviews and hires all members of the camping staff. They design and implement training for those staff and work to create a safe a supportive environment for each and every camper.  They work together with the Camp Coordinator to make sure that all campers are placed in to a week of camp that will work best for them.

During Camp: They run camp! The coordinate the daily running of camp. They work together with the director team to make sure that all campers and staff are happy and healthy and supported in being their best selves while at camp! They are the first point of contact for emergency procedures and the spokesperson for all things camp. They sing songs, dance dances, do some arts & crafts and eat a lot of s’mores!

After Camp: They say goodbye to campers and get ready for next summer. Not to mention our site runs year round for different groups and programs, and we are always developing our outdoor education programs to meet the needs of the ever expanding BC curriculum. We are also working on community connections in order to diversify what we offer to group’s needs.

a serene view of Stave Lake on a cloudy day with lots of blue and pink undertones

That’s all for now!  Stay tuned next month for the next edition of the Sheriff’s Report!

Emily McFarlane