The sun is out, the skies are clear, and the weather forecast predicts 20-degree weather for the rest of the week. There is officially no excuse. Yet, you can’t seem to bring yourself to do it. You promised yourself this would be the day you would start running. The alarm is set, the clothes are laid out, and yet, you simply can’t.

While the benefits running brings to our health should, in theory, be enough to motivate us to get out of bed and hit the trails, the reality is this is not always the case. Oftentimes, we just need to find that extra dose of motivation, that bigger-than-ourselves reason that propels us to put on those running shoes and leave the house.

We are all wired differently and what incentivizes us and motivates us to take action differs greatly. For some, having clearly defined and time-bound goals are a good motivation to get started. For others, running as a means to a greater end, or for a cause, will be what gets their heart racing and their blood pumping. Yet, for others, the possibility of participating in an activity that can be conducive to community building or to healthy competition is a thrill in and of itself.

Whatever group you find yourself in, an excellent opportunity to get started and motivated is to participate in a charity run. These events provide an opportunity to set yourself a goal, impact your community, develop good habits, foster a healthy lifestyle, meet people, contribute to a cause that is near and dear to your heart, and change your city for the better – all at the same time!

For charities, participating in runs and having their community’s support is invaluable. As opposed to other fundraising events, charity runs are an opportunity to make the most out of every contribution and donation since the charity itself incurs little, if any, administrative costs. As a result, you can rest assured that your donation in its entirety is going towards your cause of choice and every dollar is actually producing the desired results.

Today is a great day to get started! Join #TeamZajacRanch and start walking (or running!) towards your goals.