Because of you, the lives of hundreds of children and families in Canada are enriched every year by a visit to Zajac Ranch for Children. Just as we are inspired by the strength and determination of our campers, we continue to be inspired by the generosity of our many supporters. Thank you for enabling us to continue to impact these special children’s lives throughout the province and beyond.

While current restrictions have put a pause on programming until later in the spring, your donations are still hard at work to create life changing camp experiences for children with medical conditions and disabilities. Things have been busy at Zajac Ranch in anticipation of the return of all campers.

Treehouse #2

The addition of a second treehouse is instrumental in enhancing the experience of all campers. Located in our Enchanted Forest, the 14’ by 14’ structure allows us to give more campers the option to spend a night outside traditional camp lodging.

The treehouse is fully accessible so that campers with a variety of conditions are able toenjoy the experience. Beyond the addition of a pulley lift system to aid campers unable toclimb the stairs, the Treehouse is equipped to protect from colder weather making it bothfeasible to use year-round and inclusive for campers who have any condition affected byextreme weather conditions.

Many of our campers do not often – if ever – get the opportunity to spend a night awayfrom their homes. For many, the time they spend at Zajac Ranch is the first time they areaway from their parents. Your donations will give them an authentic andmemorable camping experience, as for many, it is the highlight of their year.

Nurse’s Residence

Nurses and medical volunteers do so much for our campers and the community.


A new Nurse’s Residence is currently under construction to allow medical volunteers to properly rest and recoup from their important and necessary duties without the worry of making the long journey to and from camp. Being able to provide higher quality accommodation for our volunteers and nursing staff also allows us to attract more highly qualified people.

Over 30 different diagnoses are supported each summer at Zajac Ranch. The on-site 24 hour medical centre, The OK Corral, provides care for every camper. Staffed by volunteer medical professionals who donate their time, children are able to receive medical carewhile experiencing the joys of summer camp. 

Your donations are supporting the continued high quality care given to every camper at Zajac Ranch.

Family Camp 2021

We are back for Summer 2021!Family camps were designed during the COVID-19 Pandemic to give our campers and their families the opportunity to safely enjoy everything camp has to offer while keeping physically distanced from anyone who is not in your circle. Our separate activity areas and sleeping lodges make it possible for us to run family camps for multiple families at a time without two families ever having to be in close proximity.

Donors like you are responsible for making this program a reality. Without your ongoing support, our team would not have been able to react quickly last spring to organize a brand new way of running camp. This year your donations will bring more campers back to the Ranch for much needed recreational opportunities not currently available near their homes.